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My Brother's First Time (2004) gay farm sex stories

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Year: 2004
Genre: twinks, duets, vocal, anal, condoms, twins, solo
Duration: 01:36:01
Studio gay farm stories: Miami Studios

"My Brother's First Time" is the wonted Miami Studios fare: hot guys, a cameraman who can't close up up, and frustratingly variable camerawork (probably because the cameraman is overmuch busy talking).

This doesn't mean that gay farm xxx pic there aren't goodies here, but only that some scenes start out promisingly, only to extremity with a fizzle because someone forgot to record the cumshot from a pretty large angle. This can be particularly troubling when the boys are during the time that hot as they are here. Matt Woods, for instance, might have existence a little rough around the edges, but he exudes a assured sweetness and charm that make him very attractive. His younger (in pairs?) brother, the absolutely adorable Mark Woods, is even cuter--and clearly adhering the very edge of legality, judging by his looks. We dress gay teens in't get to see them in any "action" together, although they answer the purpose jerk off next to each other in a hot tub, through little Mark expelling a particularly spectacular series of cum spurts (unfortunately recorded a illiberal too close). Later we get to see older Matt go to court gay farmboy pics end fucking Matt Matters, who looks mighty appealing with his tousled, curly cimmerian hair, pretty eyes gay orgy, and long, muscular body.

Another find here is tall, thickset Toby, who looks as though he wondered off of a overbearing school wrestling team. He has beautiful eyes set back in his infant. face, and a body that's very sexy, despite the incident that it has a healthy filling-out of baby fat. Toby is peaceable and mild-mannered, but it's clear he loves to fuck--make inquiry Corey and Gus, each of whom get a ride in two different scenes. He starts to make a little more noise to the degree that the proceedings get a little hotter, and it's pretty anacreontic to watch the sex flush work its way over his creamy of a ~ color skin.

With these boys at work, it's hard not to accord. this one the highest recommendation. If only the cameraman paid closer reflection to lensing everything correctly than to gay farmboys free pics figuring out what witticism to put into circulation next, this little vid would probably garner five stars. As it is, I'll check give it 4 stars, and let you sort out why!

File bulk: 900 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: 592x400 29.97fps 1170Kbps
Audio: 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

gay farm sex video

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gay farm sex video